One Consultancy for all expats

We have the solutions for you. This allows you to build up your wealth with us individually, effectively and, above all, over the long term. Be sure to watch the video. This will give you a deep insight into our professional expertise, our personality and how we can help you.

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The Proper Union Advisory Team

Regardless of the starting position you are currently in, we have already solved a comparable situation for our customers.


We know how you feel and know exactly how we can help you.
We will support you every single step until you have no more questions and you have achieved all your goals.


Our consultants have already been able to help hundreds of interested parties to build up assets in a tax-optimized, automated manner.


At least five specialists from different departments work on your concept to find a tailor-made solution for you.


  • How can I imagine the non-binding initial consultation?

    That's up to you. We talk about the topics that are important to you. As a rule, we first show you your benefits, and you decide which options you would like to know more about.

  • Is the initial consultation really free and what is the purpose of it?

    Of course, for the following reason: most interested parties cannot imagine how we can specifically help. We have developed a free initial consultation to bring light into the darkness. In the conversation, you can get an idea of ​​your advantages and, of course, our competence. After the interview, you will know exactly how we can support you.

    Afterwards, of course, we want you to work with us. But only if you have recognized your benefit and were satisfied with the free initial consultation.

  • How much does your consultation cost?

    It all depends on your situation and which service you want to use. We would be happy to find out how we can help you in your free initial consultation. After we know that, we can give you an offer submit.

  • How do I know that I am getting good advice and that you are not just selling products?

    Due to our legal position, we are legally obliged to suggest the best solutions to you - you will receive this from us in writing. We are also an association of tax, real estate and investment experts. Five different employees work on your concept, combining their expertise in an overall idea. Last but not least, our internal quality management checks every single strategy, as we ensure excellent advice. Good advice is guaranteed, thanks to the different checking mechanisms.

  • Not sure if this is right for me?

    We can help you. We are convinced of that. Nevertheless, we will call you before you get a free initial consultation. You can ask your questions over the phone to see if it's the right thing for you. You will see your advantage within a few minutes and know that the free initial consultation is worthwhile.

  • Can I get the information in advance by email?

    We work very professionally, so we only send out tailor-made documents. A doctor does not make a diagnosis over the phone with a suitable treatment plan. After the free initial consultation, we will gladly send you the documents you have created via email. Then, of course, you can think about it in peace.

  • How can I imagine the consulting and the strategy development?

    The consultation is divided into several steps.

    - We start with social security and tax savings to increase net income and save money
    - We then create a general, tax-optimized investment strategy on a monthly and one-off basis
    - Individual investment opportunities are now identified and discussed in detail

    The process looks like this:
    Increase net income
    → Tax-optimized investment strategy
    → Advice on stocks/funds/ETF
    → Real estate advice
    → Next steps in the future
    → Support for investments

  • How long is the care?

    We are interested in long-term partnerships. We look after you as long as you want. There is no limit. You even get a written guarantee that we will look after you in the long term and always provide you with the best possible service. Of course, you will always have a concern in the future. These questions will be answered during regular working hours on the same day.

  • Are you a tax consultant, and can you do my tax return?

    Of course, we work together with tax consultants so that we can take care of your tax return. A tax-optimized financial strategy is created in particular by combining the knowledge of individual experts.

  • How much money do I need to invest?

    One of the biggest mistakes is that most people start too late. You don't necessarily need large individual sums to invest. We can also begin together and start with monthly savings rates.

    Hardly any equity is required for a property, either. Let's check together how much equity you need for your wishes an

  • How do I get a free initial consultation?

    You click the button and fill out the form with your contact information. We will contact you by phone to check how we can help you and give you an appointment for a free initial consultation.